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$732,061,633,831.28 1.24% Bitcoin capitalization
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Affiliate program

Anyone can participate in a one-tier referral program. You can get a personal referral code or an active affiliate link that will allow you to invite new users to the Service and get a return from their purchases. Customers will also be satisfied - by clicking on an affiliate link, and the new user will receive a discount on the purchase of a Contract.

How to run the Hashmart Referral program?

Go to your Account and click on "Affiliate program" at the bottom of the Panel (on the left). Confirm your participation, and everything will be working!

How can I find my affiliate link/code?

After you connect the Affiliate program, an appropriate item will appear on the Panel. Going to this section, in the "General Information" section you will be able to find your unique affiliate code and your personal affiliate link.

Where can I track my return of Affiliate program?

While in your Account, go to the "Affiliate Program" section. Here you can track your assessed and paid funds for involved customers, the number of orders made by customers, and the total number of registered users by your link/code.

Do you have visuals to promote Hashmart on my website?

Yes, you can download it here.

How is the withdrawal of funds arranged?

The assessed return received by you are converted into BTC and are transferred daily straight to the internal Balance in your Account. Further withdrawal of funds is made in the same way as the mining reward - to the address of your Bitcoin-wallet without any fees.

What are the conditions of the referral program?

Hashmart one-tier Affiliate program proposes the following conditions:

  • You receive 5% of the paid capacity of every involved customer;
  • The term for receiving this bonus is one year;
  • Payments are made daily in BTC;
  • Every customer gets a 5% discount on the total price of his purchase.

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